Suggestions and tips about how to meet people
Social Activities

Find a social activity in your area. Social activities give you opportunities to network with people who share interests similar to your own. There are many ways to do this which will be discussed further below. Some examples are:

Social Activity Clubs
Some social activity clubs are oriented to sports, others to dining and still others to cultural activities. Find one that is comfortable for you.

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to help you community. At the same time, you will interact with people who are civic minded like you.

Social Websites
Find an online community which will bring you together with people who share your interests.

Take a workshop or evening course in a certain subject (wine-tasting, massage, art history). You will meet people in your workshop who share your interest in the same subject.

Social Activity Clubs:
Social activity clubs tend to be local. Below are examples of social activity clubs, but it is by no means exclusive. For a social activity club in your area, Google the name of the closest city to you plus the keywords Social Activity:

  • In Dallas, Dinner For Six organizes dinners for groups of three single men and three single women.
  • Florida Side Trackers organizes outdoor activities club for single people in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.
  • In Southern California Athletic Singles Association organizes at least 15 events each week covering every sport and social activity imaginable.
  • Also in Southern California 20s and 30s Singles provides an opportunity for active adults to meet and participate in fun outdoor and social activities throughout Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties.
  • In the UK SPICE SPICE is a Nation-Wide adventure/social group. 
  • In Cambridge, UK Cambridgeshire IVC (Cambs IVC) is a non-profit making social and activities club based in and around the historic city of Cambridge, England.
  • One of the most international social activity clubs is the Hash House Harriers. The 3H has about 1700 chapters located in virtually every major city of the world. This club combines running with drinking and other social activities.
  • Volunteer
    Below are a few organizations that are always looking for volunteers.
    Habitat for Humanity

    United Way

    Volunteer Match

    Volunteer Solutions

    Red Cross

    Social Websites:
    Dont like the idea of Internet dating? Why not use the power of the internet to facilitate meeting people face-to-face. This is the idea of Meet Up. Meet Up is an international website where people can join in on social activities related to a certain interest in their area. When the group is planning to meet, you get an email with the time and location. The fees charged are usually very small and it will bring you together with people who share similar interests in your area.

    Workshops are a wonderful way to learn something about a topic, such as wine tasting or yoga and meet people with similar interests at the same time. Workships are often given by local universities, community services or sometimes local businesses. Some examples are:

  • The Learning Annex offers workshops in subjects from Wine Tasting to Ballroom Dance in Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Minneapolis, San Diego and Toronto.
  • Many Universities such as UC Berkeley Extension offer low cost workshops and courses on everything from programming to psychology, as well as free and low costs lectures on subjects from Art to Global Warming.
  • In the UK, NIACE organizes conferences, seminars and training courses.